Want to help reduce sport halibut release mortality?

  • Pledge to use best practices and proudly display an Every Halibut Counts placard
  • Host a port meeting for charter captains in your port.  We’ll supply handouts or, if possible, come and give the pitch ourselves.  It won’t take more than 20 minutes and we expect to get some good feedback from captains on ways to improve the program.
  • Write a short opinion piece for your charter association newsletter, for your local newspaper, for a statewide publication or write a letter to the editor of Fish Alaska or other angling publication.
  • Talk one-on-one to other captains or to sport fishermen in your area about the importance of gentle release.  Feel free to refer them to the Every Halibut Counts literature, and if they have doubts we would be happy to contact them and explain why Every Halibut Counts is a good program and deserves their support.

Captain Pete Wedin of Captain Pete’s Alaska in Homer, AK measuring a halibut with the assistance of deckhand, Jona Hamson.